Monday, January 7, 2013

Student Safety in District #1

As we start the second semester, the tragic and senseless violence that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut still weighs heavily on all of us.  In response, schools across the country are taking the opportunity to review their safety plans to ensure that our schools remain a safe haven for students.  District #1 is no exception to this process, as the Board of Education instructed the administrative team to review all District safety plans and make recommendations for improvement.

As a result, starting today, there will be some immediate changes incorporated that will be readily apparent to visitors at our schools.

1.  All staff members will be required to have their District photo I.D. visible at all times.
2.  All classroom doors will remain locked from the outside at all times.
3.  All visitors to our schools will be required to present and leave a photo I.D. to receive a visitors pass.  Upon leaving the school, the visitors pass should be returned to the main office and the photo I.D. will be returned. (Visitors who are just dropping off items for their children will not be required to present a photo I.D.)

The District has ordered a buzzer and camera entry system for both the Elementary School and the Middle School.  Once those have been installed, all schools will have identical secure entry systems.  Visitors to the schools will use the buzzer and then be asked to identify themselves and their purpose for entering the school.  Once buzzed in, all visitors should immediately report to the main office.

All of these changes are being put in place to further enhance the safe environment we offer our students in District #1.  The safety of our students has been, and will continue to be, our primary focus.  Should you have any specific questions regarding these procedures, please contact your child's building principal.  You can also leave questions as comments on this blog posting, and I will respond as soon as possible.

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